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[12:56:22] gurllovekittys862: hello
[12:56:30] Asmus Helms: hello
[12:57:08] gurllovekittys862: hello to you too
[12:57:17] Asmus Helms: Why do you love kittys?
[12:58:04] gurllovekittys862: heyy, thx for adding me…I had your username saved from a while ago, are you on any dating sites?
[12:58:41] Asmus Helms: I am not on any dating sites at the moment. But I would still like to know why you love kittys?
[12:59:17] gurllovekittys862: cant really remember how I got ur username.. but recently I got out of a relationship and I was hitting up guys I thought were cute lol…so u single?
[13:00:09] Asmus Helms: Personally I would probably rather have fleas and no kitty, than a kitty and no fleas.
[13:00:32] gurllovekittys862: well, either way, its ok with me 😉 BUT, you must be into blonde girls..are you?
[13:01:15] Asmus Helms: Blond girls are fine, but I must say I do not like kittys no matter what color fur. Could we decide on another animal? I know fleas are a little extreme, what about bees?
[13:01:48] gurllovekittys862: umm see through thong at the moment…
[13:03:02] Asmus Helms: I did not know a see-through thong was a living animal. That is interesting for sure. Where do these animals live?
[13:03:36] gurllovekittys862: lol every guy is c’mon 😛 *notsafe* heres a pic I uploaded last night, you like? 🙂
[13:21:49] Asmus Helms: I am at work right now, so I can’t cam. But I still would like to hear more about the animal. Do you know if it eats meat or vegetables?
[13:22:28] gurllovekittys862: I love to feel sexy…where would you like me to put those pretty red lips??
[13:26:04] Asmus Helms: I can’t find anything on Wikipedia or google about the animal. Did you see it on Animal Planet? YouTube maybe? Does the animal have pretty red lips? I am confused.
[13:27:05] gurllovekittys862: haha bad boy! let me put on my computer cam for you one sec…
[13:27:48] Asmus Helms: Do you own a real living see through thong? That makes me seriously consider cam’ing with you.
[13:28:24] gurllovekittys862: yes im real
[13:28:46] Asmus Helms: So you are a see-through thong? And you can use Skype! WOW! Now I am impressed!
[13:29:17] gurllovekittys862: heres my profile *notsafe* if you go there it’ll have myprofile pic, but once you hit join it will display my camera to you 😉 better not record me!
[13:29:50] Asmus Helms: I am sorry but there are only pictures of girls on that page, no see-through thong animals.
[13:30:33] gurllovekittys862: pics are old skool hehe, I like to do cam 2 cam 🙂 i’m online right now *notsafe* im the main girl u see there, type to me on the right hand side of my video
[13:35:10] Asmus Helms: So now you are a girl? I am sorry I do already have a girlfriend. But I would like to know if I could have a see-through thong as a pet. Do you know the rules and regulations?
[13:36:15] gurllovekittys862: this is only for YOU lol..after your in let me know your username so that i can add to you my friends list
[13:38:00] Asmus Helms: Can’t you tell me more about the animal? I still can’t cam. How do they have intercourse? Do they live in the deep jungle, since I have never heard about them? Do they lay eggs? That would be cool.
[13:38:52] gurllovekittys862: oh its probably gonna ask you for a credit card to sign up for the app but its free babe, its just for age verification. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any kids watching me lol
[13:40:35] Asmus Helms: I am not interested in seeing your body, my fair lady. I am however still interested in this animal. Why are you so secretive about it? Have you discovered it?
[13:40:44] Asmus Helms: You should write a scientific paper about it then and become famous
[13:41:00] Asmus Helms: Might not pay as much as being a cam model, but at least you don’t have to show your buns to strangers.
[13:41:33] gurllovekittys862: trust me babe, I have been a member with mywebcamcrush for a long time and know exactly how the site works..u don’t have to pay if u accept my invite. I have a premium membership with them. click the Accept Invite button on the left side of the page, its 100% free to join
[13:42:26] Asmus Helms: If you want to keep on being a cam model, that is of course fine as well. I am sure a bunch of horny animal nerds would love to see your buns and the animal at the same time.
[13:43:21] gurllovekittys862: gosh im wet, don’t be shy babe…get in my cam chat and watch me play a lil ..i love being watched hehe
[13:44:19] Asmus Helms: I totally support your decision to be a cam model to support your interest in rare exotic animals. But it is a little weird that it makes you wet talking about these animals. I am not into that kinda stuffTe

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