[12:56:22] gurllovekittys862: hello
[12:56:30] Asmus Helms: hello
[12:57:08] gurllovekittys862: hello to you too
[12:57:17] Asmus Helms: Why do you love kittys?
[12:58:04] gurllovekittys862: heyy, thx for adding me…I had your username saved from a while ago, are you on any dating sites?
[12:58:41] Asmus Helms: I am not on any dating sites at the moment. But I would still like to know why you love kittys?
[12:59:17] gurllovekittys862: cant really remember how I got ur username.. but recently I got out of a relationship and I was hitting up guys I thought were cute lol…so u single?
[13:00:09] Asmus Helms: Personally I would probably rather have fleas and no kitty, than a kitty and no fleas.
[13:00:32] gurllovekittys862: well, either way, its ok with me 😉 BUT, you must be into blonde girls..are you?
[13:01:15] Asmus Helms: Blond girls are fine, but I must say I do not like kittys no matter what color fur. Could we decide on another animal? I know fleas are a little extreme, what about bees?
[13:01:48] gurllovekittys862: umm see through thong at the moment…
[13:03:02] Asmus Helms: I did not know a see-through thong was a living animal. That is interesting for sure. Where do these animals live?
[13:03:36] gurllovekittys862: lol every guy is c’mon 😛 *notsafe* heres a pic I uploaded last night, you like? 🙂
[13:21:49] Asmus Helms: I am at work right now, so I can’t cam. But I still would like to hear more about the animal. Do you know if it eats meat or vegetables?
[13:22:28] gurllovekittys862: I love to feel sexy…where would you like me to put those pretty red lips??
[13:26:04] Asmus Helms: I can’t find anything on Wikipedia or google about the animal. Did you see it on Animal Planet? YouTube maybe? Does the animal have pretty red lips? I am confused.
[13:27:05] gurllovekittys862: haha bad boy! let me put on my computer cam for you one sec…
[13:27:48] Asmus Helms: Do you own a real living see through thong? That makes me seriously consider cam’ing with you.
[13:28:24] gurllovekittys862: yes im real
[13:28:46] Asmus Helms: So you are a see-through thong? And you can use Skype! WOW! Now I am impressed!
[13:29:17] gurllovekittys862: heres my profile *notsafe* if you go there it’ll have myprofile pic, but once you hit join it will display my camera to you 😉 better not record me!
[13:29:50] Asmus Helms: I am sorry but there are only pictures of girls on that page, no see-through thong animals.
[13:30:33] gurllovekittys862: pics are old skool hehe, I like to do cam 2 cam 🙂 i’m online right now *notsafe* im the main girl u see there, type to me on the right hand side of my video
[13:35:10] Asmus Helms: So now you are a girl? I am sorry I do already have a girlfriend. But I would like to know if I could have a see-through thong as a pet. Do you know the rules and regulations?
[13:36:15] gurllovekittys862: this is only for YOU lol..after your in let me know your username so that i can add to you my friends list
[13:38:00] Asmus Helms: Can’t you tell me more about the animal? I still can’t cam. How do they have intercourse? Do they live in the deep jungle, since I have never heard about them? Do they lay eggs? That would be cool.
[13:38:52] gurllovekittys862: oh its probably gonna ask you for a credit card to sign up for the app but its free babe, its just for age verification. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any kids watching me lol
[13:40:35] Asmus Helms: I am not interested in seeing your body, my fair lady. I am however still interested in this animal. Why are you so secretive about it? Have you discovered it?
[13:40:44] Asmus Helms: You should write a scientific paper about it then and become famous
[13:41:00] Asmus Helms: Might not pay as much as being a cam model, but at least you don’t have to show your buns to strangers.
[13:41:33] gurllovekittys862: trust me babe, I have been a member with mywebcamcrush for a long time and know exactly how the site works..u don’t have to pay if u accept my invite. I have a premium membership with them. click the Accept Invite button on the left side of the page, its 100% free to join
[13:42:26] Asmus Helms: If you want to keep on being a cam model, that is of course fine as well. I am sure a bunch of horny animal nerds would love to see your buns and the animal at the same time.
[13:43:21] gurllovekittys862: gosh im wet, don’t be shy babe…get in my cam chat and watch me play a lil ..i love being watched hehe
[13:44:19] Asmus Helms: I totally support your decision to be a cam model to support your interest in rare exotic animals. But it is a little weird that it makes you wet talking about these animals. I am not into that kinda stuffTe


Narcos is a US crime drama web television series. Seasons one and two tell the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Season three picks up after the fall of Escobar and continues to follow the DEA as they go up against the rise of the infamous Cali Cartel.

Here is a drawing of Pablo Escobar by yours truly.

Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice by Ivan Brunetti

Just finished this great book on cartooning. It consists of Brunetti’s thoughts on cartooning and simple, creative exercises and assignments. The excercises are well thought out and the text is often poetic, philosophical and straight up beautiful. Like this quote:

Try to capture the way your mind organizes events, memories, and flights of fancy. – Ivan Brunetti

Here are my notes and doodles done while reading:

You can buy the book on Amazon.

If you don’t wanna spend money on a book, I can recommend Palle Schmidt’s free online course “Comics For Beginners“.